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Chicago, IL 60602
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Robert R. Rodriguez, Ph.D.
Licensed Clinical Psychologist
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About Me and My Work

I received my master’s and doctoral degrees from the University of Notre Dame and have been licensed as a psychologist since 2006. A good deal of my training and post-graduate professional work experience has been in university counseling centers. Having held staff psychologist positions at two university clinics, I was most recently a member of the clinical team at the University of Illinois at Chicago Counseling Center. In 2010, I established my independent practice in downtown Chicago.

Specializing in outpatient psychotherapy with adults, I have considerable experience in providing services to individuals of all cultural and ethnic backgrounds. My years as a therapist, as a supervisor to clinicians-in-training and as a university instructor have provided me with extensive knowledge of various psychological challenges, life difficulties, clinical diagnoses and their treatment.

Treatment Approach and Philosophy

My approach to counseling reflects the conviction that, given the right conditions, human growth and recovery are inevitable. My efforts to facilitate that development in clients rely on:

  • A Warm and Nonjudgmental Atmosphere. I believe clients benefit most from a therapy environment that allows for honest self-examination and gentle challenging of unproductive feeling, thinking and behavior patterns.
    • A Focus on Relationships. From a theoretical standpoint, I draw heavily from psychodynamic and interpersonal perspectives, which is to say that I believe early and present-day relationships (including the relationship between therapist and client) are key to understanding clients’ functioning and to charting their future growth. Regardless of the specific concerns that initially bring clients to therapy, I have found that interpersonal and relationship themes are often prominent aspects of the work we embark on together. From working to establish greater emotional closeness with others to identifying obstacles to authentic self-expression, clients have the opportunity in therapy to better understand and refashion their approach to relationships. 
    • Identification and Development of Coping Skills. In addition to helping clients overcome their difficulties, I also make every effort to assist them with identifying those personal strengths and practices that contribute to their emotional resilience and general well-being. To the extent helpful, I may at times introduce mindfulness-based exercises and other skills training aimed at helping clients better regulate their emotions and cope with distress. Eastern psychological methods and the “positive movement” in Western psychology serve as inspirations for this work and as a source of tools for enhancing clients' lives. 
    • Recognition That Social Exclusion and Disempowerment Can Affect Well-Being. Finally, I attempt to make clients’ self-defined cultural and identity-based experiences a part of our dialogue. In so doing, clients and I work to remain aware of how experiences with racism, sexism, heterosexism and other forms of oppression may impact their sense of themselves and the world. 

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